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  • This toys are copies of real life metros and fit on all common wooden railway track systems.
  • Magnets allow to connect as many trains with each other as you like.
  • Subway fun for ages 3 and older.

Madrid 2000A

The Madrid Metro is the subway system of the Spanish capital Madrid. The 294-kilometer network, which now has 302 stations, covers not only the city itself but also numerous suburbs.

Barcelona S4000

The stations are announced in the cars by two different announcers. The first speaker says "Next Station" and the second speaker says the name of the station. On most lines this is spoken by a man and a woman, so equality works.

Paris MP89

The Métro Paris is the subway system of the French capital Paris. The first line was opened on July 19, 1900 on the occasion of the Universal Exposition and was at that time the sixth subway in the world after London, Liverpool, Budapest and Glasgow and Vienna.

Metro fun for everyone.

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Ideal for children ages 3 years and older, the trains are made from sustainable wood and feature sturdy, magnetized connections between the wagons, which allow them to connect multiple trains with each other. Mini Metros are compatible with most popular wooden train track systems, allowing seamless integration with your existing collection.

By creating replicas of existing metro trains that you and your kids know from your everyday life, Mini Metros encourage imaginative play, empowering children to build their tracks and become the conductor of their own adventures. 

Mini Metros are manufactured from child-friendly, non-toxic materials, meeting the highest safety standards to ensure worry-free play and peace of mind for parents. 


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